Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This morning it was decided for us that we needed to check out the new road to Kathmandu to make sure our truck could make it.  About a month ago, there was a huge landslide at 1 am and 400-500 people were killed when their homes were wiped off the mountain.  Apparently the Chinese offered to help rebuild the road but Nepal thought that would damage their relationship with India so they refused.

The new road is a rutted, wet, muddy, winding 3 km goat track.  Will and I walked most of it this morning and he thinks there is really only one tight turn that will need a little back and forth wiggling and another that will require us to back down for a while.

Sherpas carrying loads along the former road-

The former road-

Downed power lines-

The tricky corner-

Waiting at the front of the line-

With 30 minutes of daylight left, we were told to go, however, there were still trucks coming from the other way, so we pulled over after turn 1 and are spending night #2 in the truck!  Unfortunately it's raining so we might be fighting a lot of mud tomorrow!

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