Wednesday, September 24, 2014


At first light, we were on our way to turn #2.  It didn't go so well to begin with.  There was a lot of mud so we had the sand mats out.  Back and forth, back and forth but we kept sliding-

Finally, we had to have this bulldozer pull us out. Lots of truckers gathered, and of course each one had their own opinion of what we should be doing.

We made it around a couple more turns and luckily, the road wasn't nearly as wet and muddy-

Then, this is what we saw!  We were behind a long queue, but at least it meant we could follow them out.

Here are trucks heading down the hill-

Here are the ruts we had to drive through.   Luckily, it wasn't too wet and the truck did just fine!

The landslide area is on the left.  400-500 people were buried.  Not sure why this particular house was left alone??

People walking, taking public transport to Kathmandu, are able to walk along the river.  Not sure why they built the new road up in the mountain-

We followed a couple of wide loads for 2 hours, then the highway opened up and we were on our way to Kathmandu!  We are the first and only overland truck to manoeuver this new road so far!

Here's the chaos entering Kathmandu-

The garbage distribution center-

We made it to our hotel by 7:15 pm and are looking forward to filet mignon at the Everest Steak House, and then maybe a Brain Buster at Sam's Bar!

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