Saturday, September 6, 2014

Turpan, China

Today was a big driving day from just east of Korla, almost to Turpan.

We needed propane but they only have LPG - liquid propane gas so the gas station called the police to come and make sure it was okay.  How many Chinese does it take to fill a propane tank?  SEVEN!  4 different workers, who each had to look at the bottle and discuss, 2 real policemen and another young man wearing a Los Angeles SWAT police t-shirt.  It was quite the ordeal and then they escorted us to a  nearby supermarket-

This fellow has been living in the cab for who knows how long!  

We went through a mountain pass on a divided highway, but for some odd reason, the speed limit dropped to 40 km/h-

Our guide was worried that Will was speeding and would get a fine.  There are cameras everywhere and many police checks.  The citizens are super paranoid.

Snickers in Chinese-

We're bushcamping close to the Jiaohe Ruins at Turpan.

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