Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Arequipa, Peru, November 14, 2017

I didn't have a very good sleep.  I was sleeping on the beach and all night, all I heard was the roar of the lions, I mean waves as they crashed on shore.  Then, as they got louder, I kept thinking soon water would be pouring in my tent and I would be soaked!  I wasn't sorry to see 5 am come!  It looks nice though-

We had a long drive; over 400 km but the scenery was awesome-

The wall prevents the sand from drifting onto the road.  It's just like snow-

The land is nothing but rocks, sand and more rocks until-

we came upon three or four oasis in the valleys and for the first time in Peru, a running river!

They grow corn and a lot of rice.  The onions are being harvested, all by hand-

The first two accidents I've seen were within 5 minutes of each other.  The first happened awhile ago but the second was very recent.  The police were there and the lane was blocked with pile-ons.  I don't know if anyone was hurt.  I would guess both drivers lost their brakes coming down the massive hill.  That is something Jono is very cautious about - we crawl down most hills, but we're safe-

We stopped in a fairly large town for lunch but none of the restaurants I checked had any food.  One woman just shook her head - why are you open I wondered?  Another only had 3 bowls of soup and there were 4 of us and another was serving fried chicken.  So, I bit the bullet and finally had chicharrón.  It's a chunk of pork with crispy skin, a layer of fat and then meat on the ribs-

It was served wth roasted corn kernels and slices of fried plantain-

It was all right, at least I've had it now!

Homes along the way.  This one is pretty nice: bricks, windows, stucco and a garden-

These are very small and made of woven rattan, probably corn stalks-

Driving into Arequipa, there were lots of labourers harvesting.  This is the only tractor I've seen-

We're settled in our hotel, close to a supermarket - that's always a bonus!  I'm looking forward to exploring tomorrow!

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