Sunday, November 5, 2017

Huaraz, Peru, November 5, 2017

Today has been an acclimatization day.  It's been hard in the altitude- just going up a flight of stairs makes me dizzy and out of breath.  I'm at 3041 meters and came from sea level yesterday so it's a big adjustment.  

We had a choice of going with a private tour company tomorrow for $45 US or with a public group for $12.  Hmmmm  I wonder which one we chose?

I need to take my own lunch so stopped in at this local spot for some chicken.  You can always tell the good ones by the crowds.  Juice, soup, chicken and salad cost $1.50.  Crazy!

Then I wandered because I couldn't stand just lying on my bed, even though that's all I feel like doing.  The sights of Huaraz-

There are many parks and monuments-

They're crazy about their futból team too-

My lunch is ready and my clothes are clean so I'm hoping for a good walk tomorrow.  

I'm going to introduce my fellow inmates and start with.....

Richard Shelton is from near Sheffield, UK.  He's a retired G.P. and is on his second overland.  He has two grown children but no grandchildren.  Richard thinks overlanding lets a person see countries thoroughly and it's good fun.  He is thinking about visiting Iceland in the summer with Madventure.  

P.S.  Nico ran into a cat yesterday!

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