Thursday, November 2, 2017

Black Turtle Cove, Galápagos Islands and Guayaquil, Ecuador, November 2, 2017

At 6 a.m. we were in the dinghy heading for Black Turtle Cove-

The mangroves are plentiful-

We saw many many white tip sharks-

Black tips-


A few stingrays: this is just a small one-

and a blue heron-

Lucas, Martin, Lara, Jasmine and Alex enjoyed the ride-

We returned to the boat and after another delicious breakfast-

we were in the dinghy heading for the bus to take us to the airport.

Martin and Veronika are staying another couple of days-

My flight wasn't until 12:30 so I wouldn't make the 2 pm bus to Trujillo, Peru to meet up with the group so I asked if it was possible to fly earlier - no problem!

I feel sad leaving these islands.  After the first day, I couldn't imagine 8 days visiting here but what we saw was so incredible.  The animals are not afraid of us, we can get very close and their behaviours are magical.  I am so glad I came!

Unfortunately there isn't a bus until tomorrow.  I have to be at the terminal at 12:15 for a 2 pm departure.  I checked into my hostel, which is right on the Malecon, so went walking.  The Malecon is brand new and today, being a holiday, was very busy.  There are fair rides for little kids, all kinds of monuments, fast food restaurants and entertainment.  They even have their own 'eye'-

The Rotunda was built as a memorial of the famous interview between Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin in Guayaquil July 26 and 27, 1822.  

I walked up to Cerro Santa Ana-

And Las Penas where the homes are brightly painted-

There's a great view from the lighthouse, 444 steps later!

 The streets are cobblestone-

And there are many tiendas but only a few restaurants open today, it being a holiday.

I'm not looking forward to the 17+ hour bus ride tomorrow to Trujillo, Peru and then possibly another 7 hours to catch the group in Huaraz!


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