Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Puerto Inka, Peru, November 13, 2017

We had an 8 am start, nothing for me considering I'm up around 5!  Our first stop was the Chauchilla Cemetery which dates back to the Inca-Chincha culture around 1000 AD.  They mummified their dead and buried them in tombs with pottery.  Tomb robbers until recently scattered the bodies everywhere but now they're rearranged in a dozen tombs.  There are still lots of bones, pottery pieces and cloth on the ground in the area-

In the museum-

The legs are very mummified-

Macabre faces.  Death must have been difficult-

Later, we stopped at Yauca which is an olive village.  There were numerous shops, all selling the same products-

There were green and black olives to taste-

As well as honey, green olive tapenade, molasses and black olive tapenade-

Olives and olive oil were also for sale.  It was all very delicious-

We stopped here to buy some coal for a barbecue.  I can't imagine living here-

We pulled into Puerto Inka in the early afternoon.  We set up camp right on the beach.  My tent is the orange one-

There is an Inca ruin close by called Quebrada de la Vaca-

Their way of life and living conditions were so different.  It's impossible for me to imagine their lives.  

Looking forward to Arequipa tomorrow, but not the all day drive!

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