Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Uyuni, Bolivia, November 29, 2017

Sadly, we left the hotel at 7 this morning via a transfer to the truck that was parked in El Alto.  We had a 9 hour drive to get to Uyuni.  I wish we'd have had another day in La Paz.  It's a great city!

Along the way.....

Oruro has the weirdest building in its main traffic circle.  It's surrounded by animals: frogs, crabs and snakes and there is real grass-

We drove through the industrial part of Oruro - oh what a dump of a place!  Look at the garbage-

Another town had this huge character-

Scenery along the way-

Then we came to these weird rock formations.  I think it must be sandstone that's been shaped by the wind-

Since we entered Peru, we've been driving through desert, hills, sand and land that, unless it's irrigated, is good for absolutely nothing - miles and miles and miles of it.  The buildings are the same-brick or adobe, and there are very few rural people.  I know it's the older generation still farming, that the younger people don't want the hard manual life, but either they're going to have to introduce tractors so fewer people need to farm or........

Uyuni is in the middle of nowhere but we're here to visit the salt flats.  Looking forward to it!

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