Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Ixtapa and Playa Linda, Mexico, el diecinueve de Febrero, 2020

It was a normal morning - paper, coffee, and breakfast.  I was at the swimming pool by 10.  I swam a little more than usual but now know the distance of the pool and I have not been swimming much at all - very disappointed so I have decided to increase my number of lengths every day from now on.  One month cost $18.29 which of course is a steal!  I had my own lane and there was a super clean bathroom where I could shower and change afterwards.

I caught a combi to Ixtapa and am very glad I’m not staying there.  The beach is lined with big resorts-

It seemed like a whole bunch of Paradise.  When I saw these huts, I thought they would be pretty cool to stay in-

but they are massage huts, not accommodation.  The small hotels and apartments seem a long way away from the beach, sort of in the hills.  That wouldn’t be convenient for me without a car so I’m glad I am where I am.

I left the beach and walked a bit to catch a bus to Playa Linda.  They have a few crocodiles and turtles in a swamp right where you get off the combi-

Playa Linda is a lovely small place with chaise longue restaurants!  Yeah!  I’ve been looking for these since Bucerias-

I had a coco loco which is a combination of rum, tequila and coconut water.  It was very strong but not tasty-

I spent about 4 hours on the beach, visiting for a while with Valeri from San Francisco and watching hordes of little kids play in the sand.  There were parasailers but they didn’t go very high-

Lupper was guacamole and it was close to the best I’ve had this trip-

I got home about 5 pm and enjoyed my AC, watched Meryl Streep in The Laundromat and planned my lesson for tomorrow afternoon.  It’s kind of hard because I don’t know how many students I will have or what their level of English may be.  One thing I know for sure is that I don’t have any resources so 3 hour classes are going to seem super long. Oh well, one day at a time!  

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