Thursday, February 6, 2020

La Peñita, Mexico, el seis de Febrero, 2020

I woke up with a headache, proving there was tequila in that monster margarita!  Thursday is market day in La Peñita and The Stump is a meeting point for North Battleford people.  From my place, it’s a 3.8 km walk which I was prepared to do until I started.  I flagged the first combi I saw going by and it took me almost all the way there.  Thank God.  I wandered the market which has the usual booths selling anything you can imagine from tacos, desserts as in huge fancy cakes, bakeries, clothing - new and used, vegetables and fruit, trinkets, t-shirts, carpets, blankets, kid’s toys, tools and even washing machines.  I wasn’t in the mood for even browsing and finally ran into someone I know - Doris and Wayne Fennig.  They weren’t ready for The Stump so I ended up walking on the deserted beach for awhile-

There’s wall art-

made of upside down bottle caps-

Pelicans sit on a roof, waiting for the shrimp sellers to feed them-

Still, no one was at The Stump so I went to Hinde y Jaime’s to wait and besides, I was hungry.  They make the best fish tacos for $1 each and an awesome margarita.  I visited at the bar with “Bill” from Windsor who was an air traffic controller for many years and comes to La Peñita for a few months every winter.  He’s scored a great deal on a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for next year.  It was remodelled 6 years ago and then the owner died so it’s never been lived in.  Bill will pay $248/month but he has to rent it year round.  Bummer, I say!

Eventually North Battlefordites started trickling it - Jim and Shelley, then Jackie and Bernie Etchevery, Janice Christiansen, Judy Bishop, Sharon and Bentley and a couple from Eston.  I visited until mid afternoon-

I walked home, or started to-

I stopped at Marina Azul and visited with Winger and Joanne, Etchevery's and Pam and Garth Harrison.  For supper, Wings and I walked downtown to Anahi’s where I had a Papifa - a chopped up baked potato smothered in chicken, chorizo, peppers, tomatoes and cheese.  Oh ya, and a piña colada.

Tomorrow check out is at 12:30 so by then I’ll be on the bus on my way back to PV.  I’ve enjoyed Guayabitos and it’s been very different hanging out with people I know.  I’ve liked it but can’t help but think they must be sick of me by now!

Moving on.......


  1. Enjoyed your company, Allison. Too bad the weather wasn't better but beats the snow. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Thanks Winger. I enjoyed my time with you too. Weather, schmeather- like you say, it could be cold, windy, icy, blizzarding, wind chilling.......! Keep enjoying the waves and the beer!


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