Sunday, February 2, 2020

Guayabitos, Mexico, el dos de Febrero, 2020

The last couple of days have been the same - wander, visit, beach, pool, read, eat, wander, repeat.  The weekend brings a lot of day time inland Mexicans to the beach-

They even bring their blow up toys Ready to go.  My neighbour said he counted 27 coaches yesterday alone and more came today, so that means the beach is packed-

Really packed-

Really, really packed-

There are lots of food booths-

Blow up toys for sale-

Bands playing and people dancing-

and a whole bunch of partying going on.  I wish we could do this at our beaches.  No one appeared hammered, everyone was just having a great time enjoying their friends and family, the sand and water.

I went to Hamburgesa Santa for a huge lupper.  I’m not sure how they cooked the burger - it was so thick and fully cooked but not charred at all.  It could have had a little more flavour but my taste buds are pretty much gone so a normal person would have probably thought it was awesome-

I met up with Shelley and Jim, then we went to Sharon and Bentley’s place where the view from the roof is nice-

We wandered down the beach to Juan’s Place to watch the football game but our table was far away and we couldn’t hear the game so we just kept track of the score.  It started raining but was only sprinkling when I walked home.  Tomorrow we are planning on going to Sayulita.  Time is moving on!

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