Sunday, February 9, 2020

Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, el nueve de Febrero, 2020

I took an Uber to the bus station, leaving my apartment at 6:45.  I was early, which is a good thing, then wandered down the street for breakfast.  Stalls were just opening so of course tacos were available. I just love this!  They start with rolled balls of dough-

 Then they put one of the balls on their press-

With what looks like an easy squish, they create a tortilla-

that they throw on the grill-

and in no time I have breakfast-

The bus left a few minutess late and we followed the exact path I had taken to get back to half a block from my apartment where we stopped to pick up more passengers!  I couldn’t believe it.  

The trip took about 5.5 hours-

We followed the coast for the first while where there are hotels for a long way.  When I first got to PV, Carlos, the owner of the hostel where I stayed, took a few of us past this area in his boat-

The first part inland was hilly and jungly-

but the further south we went, the more tropical it became with lots of palm trees and banana plants-

Wally Schreiber met me at the bus stop and we went to my apartment.  It’s a nice place-

I’m in a condo that looks out onto a golf course-

We went to Wally and Sharon’s place, visited on one of their decks, then went to the Oasis bar at the beach for a couple beer. We had supper at an Italian restaurant and I came home.  Looking forward to seeing my pool and more visiting in the days to come.

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