Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Sayulita, Mexico, el cinco de Febrero, 2020

I had a slow morning - it was raining and ugly so I stayed in my room.  Around 11, I decided to make a move for Sayulita.  Eventually a combi stopped on the street and soon I was in Penita at the bus depot. I bought a return ticket to Sayulita as well as my ticket to Puerto Vallarta for Friday. I paid with my credit card - yeah! and learned where I could flag down the bus on the highway instead of going all the way to the depot which is about 2 km in the opposite direction.

The bus dropped me off at the highway at Sayulita so I had about a mile walk into town. I got to a pretty deserted part of the beach-

but soon learned there was more to the puebla than this!  The town was very cool - lots of quaint streets-

There are also many shops. When Nico was sick, we listened to podcasts about the Ho'oponopono Practice.  There are special steps to follow:

1.  Identify what's disturbing you.
2.  Suspend your certainty about what happened, realizing that your point of view is only part of what really happened.  
3.  Repeat:  With humility and a desire to make right all wrongs -  Say, over and over:  I love you.  I'm sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you-

Of course there are letters-

And a church and believe it or not, I didn’t go in-

Since visiting the Instituto Cultura Cabañas in Guadalajara, I’ve been looking for a piece of Huixol estambre which is string art.  I was on a wild goose chase today.  I found a shop that had a lot of selection and I liked a blue one.  I wanted to make sure I’d seen all that was available so was directed to a second shop where the prices were double. They sent me to the main square where I saw a few more and then they directed me to the stadium to a market where there were none.  Finally I’d had enough so walked back to the first gallery.  The women were busy bringing in a lot of packages - they’d just had a delivery, receiving one estambre.  She unwrapped it and exclaimed that it was special because it was done and signed by the Shaman of a village.  She said they usually only get one piece by him a year.  And even weirder, their delivery was supposed to be tomorrow, not today.  I believe there are no coincidences - why did I return to this shop?  Why was the delivery today and not tomorrow?  I put the blue piece I liked beside the new piece and asked the worker what she thought.  She explained that the blue piece was done by an artist with direction from the Shaman but the new piece was done by the Shaman himself.  I bought the piece by the Shaman-

It’s about 24 inches wide by 30 inches tall.  The detail is amazing and the hair stood up on my arms for quite awhile as I contemplated the meaning of this purchase.  I’m looking forward to displaying this masterpiece on my wall at home.

After, I met up with Jim, Shelley, Sharon and Bentley at the main square-

The sign is decorated in bottle caps-

Daryle Wing told us about a bar on the beach that sells the biggest margaritas in the world.  We found it-

We spent the afternoon on the beach enjoying our drinks. Later, I walked back to the highway and caught the bus home.  I visited with Frank and Monique in our common room, then moved to my room. It’s been a great day and tomorrow, it’s the market in La Penita. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at The Stump!

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