Khartoum, Sudan, November 21, 2015

I slept without my fly last night and everytime I woke up, I was looking at a sky filled with stars.  It was beautiful!

Driving to Khartoum, we passed many homes-

They appear to be made out of mud/straw bricks, with an enclosed living quarters but a larger open air   area for their goats.  The 50 gallon drums are probably used for water.  

Khartoum is a busy city-

We were greeted with shouts of hello and welcome, as well as lots of waves, but not nearly as intrusive as in Egypt.  It is very hot too!

Gaddafi's Egg, the blue and white hotel, mimics the Burj Al Arab (7 star) in Dubai.  No, we're not staying there!

I've started taking my malaria pills and will continue until 28 days after leaving infected areas, sometime towards the end of March.  So far so good - no side effects. 

We're spending 3 nights at the Blue Nile Sailing Club - not as exotic as it sounds, but I get a shower tonight!


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