Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nubian Desert, Sudan, November 18, 2015

Early this morning, we stopped in Wadi Halfa for bread (best bread so far!).  The bus depot-

was very busy.  These women were on their way to Cairo, 2000 km away-

I had a coffee, Sudanese style.  First the woman boiled it-

then strained it-

It wasn't that great, but it wasn't Nescafe!  

Who says there isn't beer in Sudan?

The Nile is the life line of this country.  It's sand, agricultural land, the Nile, more agricultural land and a village, often made of mud bricks-

 Anything too far away looks rather ..... sandy?

The roof at the fruit and vegetable stall in Selina is interesting.  It's just made of garbage but does provide protection from the hot sun-

Pimp my ride, Sudanese style-

Typical roads leading to the highway from the desert-

We're bush camping again tonight in a very secluded spot!

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