Saturday, November 21, 2015

Meroe Pyramids, Sudan, November 20, 2015

This morning's drive was typical-

We stopped in a town for cook group shopping and saw a few interesting things.  Even though the walls of the yard and home are made of mud dried bricks and there are no glass windows, the doors to enter each compound are quite colourful and original-

Not sure what the feather duster is about-

Tide in Arabic-

The Meroe Pyramids are at Begrawiya.  It's a royal cemetery of Meroitic Pharaohs who lived here from the 8th century BC until 350 AD-

Most of the tops were lopped off by a 19th century Italian archaeologist looking for treasure.  Apparently he found some-

There are about 100 in total but this includes mounds of rubble-

A few have hieroglyphics-

And some have been restored, at least partially-

As usual there are souvenir stands but here they don't hassle and beg like in Egypt-

Lots of kids just hang out, waiting to sell carved stones to tourists-

The sand is beautiful-

Tonight is our fourth and last bush camp for awhile!  Looking forward to Khartoum tomorrow and a shower!


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