Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wadi Halfa, Sudan, November 17, 2015

From Abu Simbel, it's a short ferry ride-

 across Lake Nasser-

 to get to Sudan.  We waited 2 hours at the Egyptian border and 3 hours at the Sudanese.  Once in Sudan, it was more of the same-

We stopped in Wadi Halfa, a small town, to exchange money and get groceries for supper.  Because Sudan is so hungry for US dollars, we got 10 Sudanese pounds for $1 US which in reality should have cost $1.64 US!   I am on Cook group so it was shepherd's pie and was it good!  We bought our beef which was just hanging from a hook that a few flies enjoyed before us, then had it ground elsewhere-

Speaking of Cook's - 

thinking of you :)

The locals absolutely love having their picture taken-

Dress is different here.  Men wear a variety of head gear from small skull caps, to loosely wrapped, partial turbans.  Women wear colorful caftans and of course a matching head scarf.  People are super friendly WITHOUT THE HASSLE!  I'm going to love this place!

It's a bush camp tonight, then we're off to ......

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