Friday, November 6, 2015

Diving in the Red Sea, November 6, 2015

Thanks to Brad for all the pictures today!

Our dive master with cleaner fish in his mouth!  He took out his regulator in order for them to swim in-

Great coral-

Lots of colorful clams-

They close up when you come close and swish water over top.  They were purple, pink, dark blue, brown.....  The lion fish is one of the biggest I've seen.  They remind me of a turkey.  The black and white one might be some sort of parrot fish-

There were hundreds of these orange/red fish in a hole-

The stingray was trying to hide under some coral-

I like the sea anenome - the fish is pretty too-

This moray eel was super ugly-

The octopus was great- only the second one I've ever seen-

Off to Luxor tomorrow for a few days!

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