Monday, November 23, 2015

Khartoum, Sudan, November 22, 2015

It is very hot - +35 but thankfully there is a strong breeze and it cools off at night.  

There is no better way to start the day than with a freshly squeezed juice - mango, strawberry, apple, banana and orange for $2.00.  Juice stands are popular-

"Shops" like this watchmaker are everywhere on the sidewalks.  This gentleman replaced the battery in my watch for $4.00.  It would have cost $20 at home.  No overhead, I guess-

Walking along, looking for a falafel stand, I stopped at a small stall and was invited to sit and have lunch with 3 men.  Fuul - cooked beans is good, but the dish on the right is stomach stew and I couldn't.  I had to spit it out, much to their laughter-

The bread was very fresh and it is dipped into the dishes.  The stomach meat - can you call it meat? tasted like what you can smell on the street.  Driving along, you smell the butcher before you see the booth, I don't know if it's blood or rot and decay but it almost makes me gag and that's exactly what this tasted like.  Yuck!

The National Museum houses the history of the Kerma, Kush and Meroe kingdoms.  Funeral masks were made of stucco and to look like the deceased, then placed on the corpse.  This one is from 2050-1550 BC, the second intermediate period-

Bes was a dwarf god.  She's wearing a crown of feathers and clutching snakes which are coiled around her arms.   She represents sexuality, family, women and childbirth.  She's pretty funny looking-

We saw the pyramid (tomb) of King Taharqa (690-664 BC) at Nuri.  He was the greatest Nubian (Sudanese) pharaoh, with an empire extending from Palestine to Khartoum-

Archangel Michael comes from the Petros Cathedral (Coptic Christian) in Faros and was created in the 10th century-

The Blue Nile and White Nile join in Khartoum but I couldn't tell the difference between the two-

Fishing for supper-

Tomorrow will be spent at the Omdurman Souq!


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