Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gonder, Ethiopia, November 26, 2015

Walking along the sidewalk, I noticed a woman spreading grass inside her home.  I stopped to see what she was up to and she invited me in for a coffee ceremony.  

First, she fanned her 'stove' to get the charcoal to catch fire-

She heated water, but that was only to wash the coffee beans which she roasted using a sieve/frying pan-

Then, she ground the beans using a mortar and steel rod-

She added the grounds to the coffee pot and we had really good tasting coffee.  Three miniature cups must be drank with the third cup being the 'blessing'-

Lunch was 'special fuul" which is scrambled egg, spicy beans, onion, fresh bread and some nasty, sour tasting milk curds-

Dessert was black forest cake and another excellent coffee-

The only souvenirs available are woven cotten scarves and animal pelt stools-

We have a 7 am departure for the Simien Mountains.


  1. Lucky you to have experienced your very own coffee ceremony, I recall you loved your coffee.
    Stay safe and well.

  2. Best coffee so far on the trip. i bought some 'ginger added' grounds that are slowly killing me so I'm throwing them out and searching for better! I brought my metal French press along on this trip, no risk of it smashing like the glass ones from the last trip. It's keeping me going!


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