Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aswan, Egypt, November 15, 2015

The Nubia (an area from Aswan south to Khartoum, Sudan) Museum explains the history of this region and its people since the beginning of time with the Paleolithic Period (before 6,000 BC) when they used stone for tools-

to the Middle Kingdom (2000-1600 BC) and to the present day.  There is obvious improvement in their ideas with designed pottery and handles-

as well as jewelery-

Placing one's left hand on the chest is still a sign of respect and politeness.  Senpu, from (1070-715 BC) shows us how-

Harwa (650 BC) looks like he's had a hard life-

Ramses II ruled for 66 years (1279-1213 BC) and was known as a great builder and an egotistical human who put statues of himself everywhere-

A typical Nubian home, even today, has a colorful entrance and plates stuck on the walls-

Lunch was.......

yes, believe it or not, I had a Big Mac, large fries and a diet coke.  Why you ask?  Good question!

We've got a 3:30 am start to join the convoy to Abu Simbel, I have 20 pounds left to spend ($3.60) and 1 beer to drink between now and then!

I might be out of wifi service for a few days so don't despair.  I'll continue blogging and post when I can.

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