Sudan to Gonder, Ethiopia, November 25, 2015

Today was a long drive day through some beautiful countryside-

Typical homes are made of skinny logs, topped with a tin roof-

Others are thatched-

People are everywhere.  This group materialized  out of no where as we ate lunch-

This gentleman didn't speak.  We had a few extra vegetables that we gave to this woman who returned with a plate of sesame seeds for us-

A typical town with electricity.  Kids are everywhere. No tv I guess!

Chilis and corn dry in the sun-

Herds of cattle often share the road-

Supper was injera-a rubbery, sour tasting pancake that replaces cutlery and is unfortunately served with every meal-

Kitfo fir fir is a minced spicy meat-

Oh ya, there was a boiled egg too.  It was pretty bad, although the minced meat's flavour was good.  I won't be having it again, I hope!

Tomorrow it's a discover Gonder day!


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