Las Lajas, Ipiales, Colombia, October 20, 2017

We had a 6 am start to cover 339 km.  It's very slow going - up and down along the edge of the mountains, through the odd tunnel but always left, right, left, right-

I sat up in the cab for most of the day.  The view was great-

This is probably one of the worst toilets ever.  It was nearly impossible to hit the little hole.  It reminded me of my condo I renovated 2 years ago and was without a toilet for awhile!

More views-

We are only a couple of miles from the Ecuador border.  Las Lajas Church is where in 1754 a young girl saw the Virgin, so since this time, a church has been here.  This version was built between 1916 - 1949.  It's an architectural marvel because it is built across the river/gorge-

The black wall is rock from the outside-

Many miracles have been granted thanks to the Virgin.  These signs offer thanks-

We have a 6 am start again with the hope of a quick border crossing so we can enjoy the huge market in Otovalo, Ecuador!


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