Sunday, October 22, 2017

La Luna, Otavalo, Ecuador, October 22, 2017

Today has been super boring!  There was no way I was going back into town - did that yesterday, so I sat in front of the fire, read my book, went for a short walk and tried to kill the day.

It rained in the night and my new tarp that I'm using as a ground sheet is very good - no leaking in.  My fly held up too.

Highlights of today included a great breakfast: you know it's boring when...  A couple of beer and well, that's about it.

No cook group tonight.  The poor people had to cook in the dark last night so tonight we're having a restaurant meal.  That's fine with me.

We had a birthday cake for Norm last night: liquor soaked chocolate with fresh fruit on top-

Gigantic sedums at our lodge-

Views from my walk-

And as always, the best for last-

Looking forward to Quito tomorrow!

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  1. love following your adventures...such great pics and info...thank you...Cathie & Kevan


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