Monday, October 16, 2017

Salento, Colombia, October 16, 2017

I had a better sleep with much less coughing.  None of my roommates heard me!  Unless they're lying to make me feel good??

This morning at 9, we took a 25 minute Jeep ride to the Valle Del Cocora-

to go for a hike-

We're not the only overland truck in South America.  Dragoman is also here.  We'll probably be shadowing numerous trucks along the way-

The road I walked on-

was rocky, muddy and shared by horses.  You can see the giant palms in the distance.

More giant palms-

I couldn't walk too far, just to the bridge-

Then after a couple hours, I went back to Salento where I had ceviche for lunch - only average.  There were lots of shrimp but they were really tough!  Dessert was a coconut ball.  The outside was great but the inside was dry.  It was cut in half and spread with jam, then rolled in coconut.  It was probably made yesterday.-

A very cool fruit stand-

Complete with Zapote-

Then I decided to sit along the busy street next to the square and take pictures of dogs-

I don't know all the breeds but they were all different!  I think I messed up and used a couple twice but I didn't know how to go back into the program and change it!  Technology!  I saw all of these dogs in 1h15 minutes!  
The crowds were starting to thin as people head home.  Tomorrow should be a nice quiet day!  The truck has arrived but for some reason we'll be staying another night and leaving Wednesday.  Looking forward to getting on the road!

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  1. Lol all the dogs, in Japan the dogs get to ride in there own prams !
    Hope each day you feel better Alli.


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