Monday, October 30, 2017

Suarez Point, Española Island, Galapagos, October 30, 2017

The day started with another creative decoration on my bed, complete with wine, glasses and an open Kindle-

I'm not the only one getting so well treated!  She's even wearing headphones and shoes!

We had a fantastic morning at Suarez Point on Isla Española.  It started out with marine iguanas, this time, multi colored-

There were many-

Next we saw Waved Albatross.  They show up on Española in January after spending the last few months flying over water.  They lay their egg, hatch it after 60 days, look after it and then it's time to leave.  If the baby isn't ready, too bad.  They leave without him/her-

A juvenile-

A pair of albatross were also courting.  They did a dance where they would both bend their necks to the outside then sword fight with their beaks-

Then open their mouths wide-

And start again!

We came across an abandonned albatross egg.  They are quite large and would probably make a "3 or 4"
egg omelette-

Next we saw Nasca Boobies-

We saw a pair mating.  The male gives gifts of sticks and feathers.  He piles them at the female's feet and they kiss, lots of kissing.  They also neck, lots of necking-

Then he mounted her-

While proofreading, I see the rest of this post has disappeared so stay tuned for tomorrow!  

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