Monday, January 13, 2020

Ajijic, Mexico, el trece de Enero, 2020

It’s kind of weird being in someone else’s home after having my own apartment the last two and a half months. I got up around 7 and in no time Dyne was up too.  It was as if he was waiting for me to wake up so he could get up.  As usual, I had a leisurely morning - Dyne has a beautiful patio where one could spend days.  I went walking - I’m looking for a piece of estambre which is Huixol string art and I’m not having much luck.  I saw a couple pieces in Guadalajara - they were about 18 inches square but I didn’t like the colours.  I’ve only found a very small one - about five inches square here for the same money as the big ones in the city.  Now I’ve got a line on Pedro whom I’ll meet tomorrow morning to see what he’s got.

I wandered around town and eventually ended up at Walmart.  It’s pretty much the same as at home except it sells booze. I was in line at a cashier, looking at a woman ahead of me thinking she looked an awful lot like Doris Fennig when she looked up and said “Allison?”.  I guess it was Doris.  And it turned out they are staying at the end of my street so this afternoon I wandered over for a beer.  They are in one of four casitas in a gorgeous complex.  They have a rooftop patio that is just being finished and a lovely garden outside their apartment. They are here until February 1 when they go to Guayabitos.

I came home and had lupper - huge camarones and then went for an evening walk along the Malecon.  It’s much quieter today than yesterday.

I may join a hiking group in the morning but 8:15 comes pretty early and I’m very lazy so we will see.

I am enjoying the weather - I can see why people flock here. It’s not too cold - only down to about 10 at night and during the day, it’s a comfortable warm.

Looking forward to more sun tomorrow.

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