Thursday, January 16, 2020

Happy 28th Birthday Uncle Nico! El Dieciséis de Enero, 2020

Today Nico is 28!  I often wonder what he would be doing.  So many of his friends have careers, are married and have children.  I hope life is good for him wherever he is.  He was so much fun-

I certainly see him in my two grandchildren-

We were down on the beach early this morning and the first thing Andi did was face plant in the sand.  She hates being dirty-

Nico loves ice cream, especially chocolate mint.  He gets a cone a day-

Jane and the kids spent the day at the kid’s pool which they love.  They wear life jackets so they can float all day.  I made a grocery run to Walmart and luckily found a carrot cake!  It was good, but certainly not one made with love by Janice at NBCHS-

We sang Happy Birthday and then the kids blew out the candle.  Andi had already broken the “2” in half and ripped out the wick so there was only the “8” to extinguish, however-

The candles I bought were non extinguishing so Nico would blow it out and it would re-light.  Or, maybe Uncle Nico was having some fun with his nephew-

Andi decided she was missing out-

Finally they had it!  We had a great day and are looking forward to more fun in the sun and water tomorrow!

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