Thursday, January 30, 2020

Guayabitos, el treinta de Enero, 2020

I had a great sleep and was up early, as per usual.  I swam in the pool, read the paper, made breakfast in my “kitchen” then walked over to Marina Azul via los lettros-

to meet Debbie Miller, Dennis Weber and Daryle and Joanne Wing from home.  We went to La Penita to the Thursday market where I met more people from home - Bernie and Jacquie Etchevery, Hurlburts, Jim and Shelley Miller and Sharon Boskill and Bentley Carberry.  It’s very weird to see all of these familiar faces in Mexico-

We wandered through the market, then went to The Stump for a few beer.  Lunch was fish tacos and guacamole at a very popular place.  After, I wandered home, Amy Williams stopped in for a visit, then for supper I met up with Webers/Millers and Wings at an Italian restaurant.

I think I’ll go to a movie tomorrow and explore more of the town.  It’s cloudy with a chance of rain for the next few days and that’s okay with me.


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