Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SSDP, Paradise Vilage, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, el veintiuno de Enero 2020

This morning we started out at the pool but soon moved to the beach-

Andi was not happy so Jane took her back to the room.  Nico and I stayed at the beach.  We stayed and stayed and stayed.....  Nico wasn’t hungry so he kept playing in the sand and I sat in the shade-

After what seemed like an eternity, Jane and Andi came back.  We then moved back to the pools where we stayed until almost 6 pm-

I visited with a couple from Serbia who have lived in Edmonton the last 50 years.  He used to sell meat for Swift and spent a couple of weeks around North Battleford.  All he could talk about was how cold it was.  I kept telling him that we get the same weather as Edmonton but he wasn’t hearing that.  I was waiting for Happy Hour at 5 when drinks are 2 for 1.  He said he didn’t drink very much - he knew his limits and only had three or four doubles of whiskey a day!  Too funny.  We came back to the room and watched cartoons in Spanish.  Both kids sleep with Jane so I’m pretty lucky to have a bed all to myself.
Looking forward to tomorrow!  We have already been here a week!  

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