Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bariloche, Argentina, December 23, 2017

I had a great night at La Miralejos B and B.  Breakfast wasn't anything special - thank God I have my own coffee.  How can these people drink this stuff?  I decided to go to the city centre because it's such a warm and sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky.  It's the exact opposite from yesterday and I almost considered going back to the campground for the night but there's nowhere to be there.  Options are my tent - lying down, in the truck where I already spend enough time or in a dingy chalet type place with no tv, no wifi, no fuck all.  I could wander around the campsite for about 15 seconds and then what?  So, I'm staying at La Miralejos for 2 more nights!  Lucky me-

 I've moved rooms from a two twin bed place to a one twin bed place-

which is cheaper and besides I unfortunately don't have anyone to sleep in the other bed :)

Downtown is nothing special.  I am awed by the ability of places to sell themselves as the next best thing when really, they are no different than the last town we drove through.

City hall looks like a church and is well decked out for Navidad-

The town square has a Santa-

And Saint Bernards mimicking life in Switzerland-

I checked out a local craft market: yuck but if I were an elementary teacher, this is what my kids would make for a Christmas craft-

It's a large upside down pine corn with fuzzy balls glued on to the protruding leaves or whatever they're called.  It looks awesome.  Then, it's glued to a thin piece of tree.

Apparently if one Iikes expensive chocolate, this is the place to be.  Not only is it available in small bite sized pieces-

but you can also get cell phones and cameras-


teddy bears-



A Patagonia assortment pack-

And even nativity scenes -  all in chocolate-

They also sell liqueur: chocolate, limoncello, ginger and calafate-

For lunch, I finally found an awesome Parilla (steak house)-

Yes, this is how it came, with nothing extra for $28.  I didn't mind that, I mean it's more at The Keg and I was very happy when it was cooked properly and very tender, although it wasn't as good as a K/X steak!  Three times my fork slid off my plate and hit the floor.  Waiters literally jumped to get me a new one so I guess they're used to it.  I think the plates are shaped funny.  Crazy.  I could have ordered sides like fries and or a salad, but they cost $8 each and were enough to feed a family of 4.  I guess that's why most people go in groups and why most beer comes in 1 litre sizes - it's meant to be shared.  Not only was the steak excellent but with the bread they brought chimichurra - OMG  I will be making this at home-

After lunch, I came back to my hotel to sit on the deck-

This is probably it for the day...a little vino tinto y sol... Comó puedo querer mas?

P.S.  Nico talking to Santa-

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  1. Loved this day's diary Alli, so much to laugh at. That's travel........ some days nothing happens, next day sooo much to comment on.


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