Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bariloche, Argentina, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve!  I spent the morning lounging in my room - I so love doing that: reading, interneting, emailing....  

Finally at noon I forced myself to go to Colonia Suiza, a small town with craft shops and eateries.  I had to walk quite a distance to catch the first bus.  I haven't bought a tarjeta - a card required to pay for the ride.  I just ask people to tap their card for me and then I give them cash.  It's kind of a pain but so far I've had good luck.  I had to switch buses but finally got there and thought.... WTF.  I am truly amazed at the marketing skills of some places.  

Colonia Suiza is a one gravel street place-

with a brewery - I didn't see it until I was on the bus on my way out, a dozen craft shops all selling the same shit you can buy anywhere, a few more expensive restaurants where you'd pay $15-20 for lunch-

 a couple craft beer booths-

A torte booth-

and a few booths of cheap food: empanadas, pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches and papas fritas-

The best part of the trip was the way home driving by Lago P. Moreno Oeste-

Bariloche is in full rose bloom.  They are everywhere-

This is my last night in heaven - I'll go back to the campground tomorrow for a 5 pm Christmas supper.  Might go to Cerro Campanario tomorrow - I said might!  The chairlift will probably be closed and you know what I think about hiking so.......

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  1. Lol, this place just gets better and better sooooo many one horse towns.


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