Monday, December 11, 2017

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, December 10, 2017

Happy 80th Birthday to my Mom-

I had a great sleep in my tent - amazing actually and I hope it continues.  Jan, Richard and I decided to rent bikes to originally bike around town but then we got the bright idea to bike to Valle de la Luna.  It ended up being about 31 degrees with a slight breeze but 3% humidity so it didn't really feel all that hot.  I did get tired of going uphill but that's biking and what goes up must come down.

Our first stop was in a cavern de sal.  Good thing we kept our helmets on because we wacked our heads often-

Biking along the way: duna mayor-

The rock formations are very interesting-

You can see the volcano in the background and Richard speeding away-

I kept the brakes on most of the way down the hill-

Glad this didn't happen to me-

We were gone about 5 hours and so we were very ready for a beer when we got back.  Actually, I don't get the t-shirt "I finished the Valle de la Luna" bike ride because during the last few kilometers, we were walking because our butts were sore and when we got to the last corner about half a mile from town, a van was waiting and 2 women offered us rides.  I got in, thinking I've been looking for you since I started this trip!  Later I was wondering if I would be kidnapped, robbed and a huge ransom asked for me but no, they were just two friendly Chileans.  

We ended up at a restaurant in the plaza and had to order food if we wanted to drink.  There's only one bar in town where you can drink without eating.  So, we ordered a salad to split, except I didn't think we were splitting it 3 ways-

How can you make this mistake?

Looking forward to a lazy tomorrow until 10:45 pm when I'm going on a star gazing trip with big telescopes!  

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