Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sucre to the Argentinian Border, December 5, 2017

A 7 am departure turned into a late one because our hostel didn't arrange for enough cabs for our transfer to the truck.  The streets are often too narrow, too congested, and often there are too many low wires for the truck to come into the city centers, so we park in a compound, where hopefully the truck is safe and transfer to the hostel via bus or cab.  By the time my cab came, we were about 20 minutes behind and then to top it off, we ran out of gas!  Luckily we were close to the truck so a cab that had already delivered some of our people came and rescued us.  We left Sucre at 7:50 for a 10-12 hour drive day, making our way towards the Argentinian border.  There are miles and miles of nothing  as has become quite usual for Bolivia.  We were quite high up and all the grass is black.  Llamas and goats eat it.  I don't imagine their meat would be that great, probably pretty wild tasting-

Besides black grass, there are black mountains-

My camera doesn't do this landscape justice. It's impossible to see the depth of the valleys-

Lunch was a delicious! I'm serious, soup, complete with the foot of a chicken-

Driving through a valley there is at least some worked land and crops planted. Cows pull ploughs-

Most people have had enough of this boring scenery and are using their time wisely: sleeping-

Miles and miles of fuck all-

Some of the rocks are striated granite-

Where we're going-

We pulled into my first bush camp of the trip around 5:30.  Thank you Jono!  I was on cook group with Bijan and Margueritta.  Once our tents were set up, we made supper: chili, pasta and pico de gallo but the avocado was super ripe so it was just one big bowl of mush.  It tasted good though.  We managed to get everything done just at dark - it's so much easier working in the light than struggling to wash dishes and put stuff away in the pitch black.  

Breakfast is at 5:15 tomorrow and we've got a 6 am departure to try and beat the rush at the Argentinian border.  Looking forward to wine, clean bathrooms and great food!

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  1. Your description of this day made me smile Alli,recalling the delights of cross land adventures. Especially the 'fuck all' scenery and packing up the kitchen in the dark


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