Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Between Guelmim and Tan-Tan to Lamssid, Western Sahara, November 21,2018

We left at 7 am in the dark and came a long way - 394 km-

Towns are few and far between and many have crazy statues in their roundabouts like these orcas-

We drove along the ocean for a few hours.  The waves were crashing in but there were no surfers today-

There seemed to be a salt flat with salt gathered in piles-

After a toilet stop-

and lunch stop at a gas station where they looked horrified as we walked in and seemed to send the "other" guy out to serve us, we had bread, soft cheese in triangles, chips, pop and Madelaines -  a dry white cake covered in chocolate in a package that was horrible, we were on our way through the dessert which went on for miles-

and miles-

and miles.  The sand drifts right up to the edge of the road, just like snow at home-

We pulled into a bush camp around 4 pm and have a nice view of the ocean-

I've set my tent up as far away as possible because when the waves hit, it sounds like a huge wind.  I hope I sleep a bit!  The police were just here telling us we had to leave and move to the nearest town.  They said it was dangerous for foreigners but we know that, it is dangerous whenever you bush camp. Looking forward to more nice warm weather tomorrow!

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