Friday, November 16, 2018

Marrakech, Maroc, November 16, 2018

I had a great sleep in my little prison cell-

but for $14/night, with a hot shower/bathroom just next door and my own sink, I really can't complain.

I decided to try to get to Jardin Majorelle before the crowds, so hopped on a city bus and was buying my ticket in no time.  It is gorgeous!  In 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé purchased the abandonned garden and restored it.  It's a couple of acres of cacti from all around the world-

Not many were in bloom-

There are a few water features, one with large koi-

Yellow and white looks great with blue-

Sometimes it's hard to get a picture when you have Asians dressed to the nines taking pictures like crazy.  They pose and pose and pose.  The picture taker focuses and focuses and focuses.  Usually, other nationalities get tired of waiting and just barge in front of them, take a quick shot and move on.  It's also funny in the medina because as soon as the Asians show up, shop keepers jump to attention.  They know they're big spenders-

The monument for Yves Saint Laurent who died in 2008 and Pierre Bergé who died in 2017-

As a New Year's gift, starting in 1970 until 2007, Yves made a "Love" card in the style of a collage to give to all of his clients.  They are awesome and not only on display in the Love Gallery which is part of the garden, but also in a book that I've ordered from Amazon.  Mitch makes Jane cards for special occasions and I've suggested to her that she keep them and for their 50th anniversary have them made into a book, just like they've done here- 

Yves didn't start in time for 1961 but here is 1990, the year Jane was born-

And 1992, the year Nico was born-

Also in the garden is the Berber Museum which feature three rooms containing tools, jewelery and finery: carpets, musical instruments and clothing-

Next I went down the street to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum where there was a temporary exhibition of photographs by Leila Alaoui (1982-2016).  She was a Franco-Moroccan photographer and video artist who died of her wounds sustained in a terrorist attack in Ouagadougou, Guinée while she was preparing a photo-essay for Amnesty International.  Her photos are amazing-

I'm wearing my "haute couture" at the entrance to Yves' permanent collection-

Pictures aren't allowed inside the museum where there are probably 50 outfits that YSL designed.  He started his career with Christian Dior in Paris.  Dior died a couple years later so Yves took over at the young age of 18.  However, he was inscripted into the French army to fight in Algeria but ended up in the hospital due to a nervous breakdown.  Upon his discharge, he was let go from Dior and decided to start his own company.  His goal was to provide fashion for every woman, not just the rich.  His clothes are beautiful-

I really enjoyed my morning!  Walking home, a man was selling live chickens on the street-

There are mosques everywhere, most with beautiful carvings at the entrance gate-

Many hotels are riads, which are large traditionnal houses built around a central garden/courtyard-

My hotel isn't a riad but Marrakech is a maze of narrow streets lined with them- 

Beautiful doors lead to hidden treasures-

I've enjoyed my time in Marrakech but have missed the companionship of the group.  Lauretta, Lutz and I are leaving our hotel for the campsite at 7:15 tomorrow because we're pulling out of Marrakech at 8.  Looking forward to whatever comes next!

P.S.  Nico's enjoying an ice cream cone while visiting Uncle Nico-

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