Sunday, November 18, 2018

Essaouira, Morocco, November 18, 2018

It rained a lot during the night and this morning, flooding through the patio doors into the living room!  At 10:30, we headed to Essauouira for a few hours visit.  The waves are crazy as you can sometimes see 5 different waves coming into the shore-

Surfing is very popular-

We walked into the old city through the old gate-

and I soon found a place for lunch- falafel.  This poor bent over woman was begging for coins-

After lunch, I walked to the port-

where the waves were crashing in like crazy-

Some men were trying to get this boat into the water-

The port is a working port, complete with bags of buoys-

And many small boats-

There is lots of fresh fish for sale-

Crab and oysters ready to be shucked-

I couldn't help but think of Uncle Nico.  He loved fresh oysters and when we were in New Orleans, we oculdn't walk by a restaurant that had them without going in for a dozen-

I'm not a vegetarian and never could be, but it did make me feel sad seeing the sting rays and octopus lying dead on the tables.  They are so beautiful alive in the ocean and I can't imagine there is much to eat in a sting ray.  However I don't have that same feeling for beef, pigs or chicken - that's a good thing I guess-


There are many working boats-

And travelers enjoying the waves-

Seagulls hang around for food-

There are corner look outs-

And gates-

Apparently, they've filmed The Game of Thrones at this location-

I also walked through the medina and came across argan.  First, the nut grows covered by a brown fruit like sheath that is eaten by sheep.  The nut inside looks like an almond and once opened, the shells are used for fires.  The inside nut is ground into oil and pastes-

This is pretty interesting!

This woman is grinding almonds-

The medina is busy as always, selling the same stuff as always-

Prickly pear, the fruit from cactus.  Inside it's a mild squishy fruit like kiwi but there are many hard stones inside that you either swallow whole or spit out-

Walking by a seed shop, direct from Regina-

The narrow streets of the Medina-

I popped into a riad to see the courtyard-

We went to a local restaurant and used our cook group money and Terry chipped in for supper-

Looking forward to another day on the beach tomorrow!

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