Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fez, Maroc, November 10, 2018

Today was a quiet one.  I did not go back into the Medina, I mean, it's just an ancient outdoor shopping mall.  I really can't buy anything anyway so what is the point of being tempted?  I did some wash and then went to Decathlon which is a cheap sporting goods store that has everything.  I have decided I'm not just going to camp, I'm going to glamp with my new cot-
Now I'll sleep with my thermarest on top and I might never get up!

Today is Hilary's birthday so we celebrated with a great cake-

I also forgot to post a picture from a couple of days ago of some of the group.  We were enjoying mint tea at a beautiful outdoor cafe.  Rhona, Michelle, Nicola, Grant, Richard and Brian-

We're leaving for the Atlas Mountains in the morning.  We've heard various reports - snow, rain, 0 to -2 degrees in the nights...... Some have decided to go to Rabat and then meet us in Marrakesh but I'm going to carry on with the group!  Not looking forward to the cold!

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