Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Chefchaouen, Maroc, November 7, 2018

It was another sunny day in Northern Africa!  I spent a lot of the day sitting in cafes, drinking mint tea, strong, strong coffee and Coke Zero of all things!

Along the way:

The Bab-Souk Mosque minaret-

Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day.  A loud singing voice blasts out of the speakers on the top of the minaret.  I haven't seen anyone run for the mosque at these times but I guess they do.  
The door to the mosque-

One of the many squares and fountains-

There are many gates around the Medina including Bab El Ain which was built during the reign of Moulay Ali Ben Rashid 1471-1511-

A shop selling jellabas-

Magic boxes are just that.  You look for hinges and ways to open them but it usually involves sliding a piece or squeezing a corner.  They are beautiful-

Souks, souks, souks-

I had shrimp tangine for lunch.  It was bubbling when it was brought to my table-

The kashba is the former castle. It cost 60 Durham to visit, about $9,  so I just took a picture-

A lantern souk-

A beautiful guest house-

Another beautiful entrance-

The camp site is at the top of the hill and the view is spectacular-

Cook group starts around 5 pm in order to have supper ready for 7.  We have good lights (so far) and a really good set up-

Good bye Chefchaouen!


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