Saturday, November 17, 2018

Marrakech to Kaouki Beach, Morocco, November 16, 2018

We only had 190 kilometers to go today so we doddled:  we stopped for coffee, washed the truck-

or had a couple of guys wash it, tried to get some propane but they couldn't hook up to our tanks, had a 30 minute French lesson, forgot to turn off the highway where we should have so drove an extra 28 minutes too far before we could finally turn around so had 28 minutes back, stopped for groceries and finally made it to the campsite at Essaouira-

only to be told that because it was going to rain the next few days, the campsite would flood so we weren't welcome!  Seven people decided to get their own accommodation and the rest of us carried on to the next village, 16 km away to try another campsite.  

Along the way-

That's quite a load of straw!  There are lots of argan trees.  The fruit is used to make oil for beauty products-

and soap for clothes-

One doesn't dare get on these camels because they won't let you off until you've paid... A lot-

In Sidi Kaouki, we lucked out and found beautiful bungalows for upgrades at our campsite.  Michelle is enjoying the luxury-

The view from the deck-

There are seven people in ours and it's also where cook group made supper.  Brian and Lutz are busy chopping-

Tomorrow Jono will drive us back to Essaouira for a few hours and then Terry is taking us all out for supper!

Looking forward to a few days at the beach!

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