Friday, November 23, 2018

Dahkla to Barbas, Western Sahara, November 23, 2018

It was a crazy noisy night on the beach.  It was a full moon so it was lover time.  I heard music, saw headlights through my tent and heard voices but by 1:30 it was either quiet or I'd fallen asleep.  I think I sleep better than I think because I'm not tired during the day so.....

We drove 292 km to Barbas-

where we stopped for lunch.  It just so happened we stopped at a hotel and decided to spend the night!  Yeah!  After 3 bushcamps, it's nice to have a bed and a bathroom, albeit down the hall.  I did my wash and hung it on the roof on the line and am catching up on email.

On our way here, we passed by the Royal Golf Dakhla course again.  I've looked online for information about it but can't find much.  It might be interesting to play and they've got a luxury resort near by.  I think this part of Western Sahara is about to take off=

The last week or so, we've asked at numerous towns and gas stations for propane to fill a couple of our tanks and today finally found a spot.  They also gave it to us for free!  I am usually the French negotiator-

Further along, camels were crossing the road-

Once again, miles and miles of nothing-

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer, or Concer here-

The group-

We tried this hole in the wall for lunch but there wasn't much hope so we carried on-

More miles of nothing but some different colors-

Tomorrow we'll cross the border into Mauritania, hopefully, and carry on!


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