Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sidi Kaouki to almost Tan Tan, Maroc, November 20, 2018

The next few days are mainly driving days because there is F.A. to see as we make our way through the desert.  We are hoping to get to Tan Tan today which is 490 km away.  The roads are good so with any luck-

It has been very rainy so the ground is sopping but heading further south it seems a bit drier-

We stopped in Agadir at our final really big and modern supermarket and the last McDonalds until Cape Town.  I didn't eat there but  many did.  Along the coast, the waves are wild with up to five coming in at once-

There were quite a few surfers out too.  That's something that I've never wanted to try but in these waves, I think it might be fun-

Off to market with a really big load of carrots-

We stopped for wood and the first thing I saw was this skeleton of a dog beside the road-

We sawed a tree apart-

 and then picked up a lot of kindling-

The bigger pieces were put in the box on the back of the truck and Jono tied them down-

Moving along-

We climbed into the clouds and rain-

It's desolate - so many rocks and so much sand-

Brad is enjoying the view-

We pulled off the road about 5 to set up our first  bush camp of the trip and my first ever camping outhouse.  My tent is the orange and white one on the left-

We are also cooking on wood for the first time:  Cooks Shelby from New Hampshire and Nicola from England are making something delicious-

Looking forward to a good sleep tonight and a sunny day tomorrow!

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