Friday, November 30, 2018

Saint Louis, Senegal, November 30, 2018

I decided not to take the boat tour because those who went yesterday spent most of their time walking around on a sandbar.  They did see large pelicans but I didn't think it was worth it so I went back into Saint Louis.

Our first stop was back at the fabric and sewing market, where Lauretta was looking for a nice light cotton to perhaps make a dress.  I chose some fabric for elastic waist pants but after learning they would cost me over $34, I declined.  I'd love a pair of pants made out of patchwork cloth like this quilt-

There are numerous fabric shops and also notions shops-

I spent the rest of the morning in a hotel lobby drinking beer and using their wifi, then met the group for lunch.  We ended up separating because The Flamingo was almost triple the price of other places.  I tried a new restaurant and had thiéboudienne.  It's a local dish of flavoured rice, topped with a spicy vegetable salsa, grilled fish - probably mackerel or herring, then roasted carrots, cassava and turnip.  It was delicious!

There's not a lot more to see so I just wandered a bit.  The river and boats look great in the sunshine-

A well restored French style building-

More public transportation and ramshackle buildings-

After, I went back to the hotel for wifi and to wait for the rest of the group to finish their carriage ride before going back to the campsite.  

On our way back to the campsite we passed numerous piles of shells that are raked out of the rivers and used in road and concrete construction-

There's a great metal sculpture at the campsite-

We're waiting on a driver to return from Dakar with our carnet for insurance for the truck.  Because he hasn't  arrived, we are spending another day in Saint Louis.  Not sure what I'll do!

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