Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fez to Kasbah Hotel Camping Jurassique, Maroc, November 11, 2018

I had a FANTASTIC sleep.  My sleeping cot was the best purchase ever!  Not only am I up off the ground, but it's like a bed so when I take off my clothes, I'm sitting up on something, not on the ground.  My Thermarest was on top of the cot and it kept me very warm.  I think I've found the camping solution, but I needed help to take it apart.  I hope it loosens up a bit with use.

We had an 8 am start for the Atlas Mountains-

It was a 300 km day on pretty good roads.  Along the way we travelled through a valley-

and climbed higher and higher through a lot of agricultural land-

where a tractor was cultivating-

but the seeding was done by hand-

We stopped at a wild monkey zoo for a few minutes-

and then carried on.  This is #treeporn, apparently-

Beautiful views of patchwork land-

Houses are quite a bit different from what I'm used to-

So is the way they wash clothes-

We climbed and climbed and climbed-

But it stayed nice and warm.  We stopped in a town for potatoes where meat is hung fresh in a shop on the street-

And it's the season for apples-

There are strange mesas in the middle of no where-

And lots of rocks 

The mountains must be made of limestone or sandstone because they have deeply eroded over time-

We stopped for a toilet break at a gas station and a van was loaded with sheep-

About 4 pm, we pulled into a hotel/camping ground!  So much for bushcamping tonight and I was on cook group.  We were able to use hot water from the bathroom for washing and everything went so much quicker.  Our chili tasted pretty good too.

I upgraded so am in a nice room with a private bathroom!  I'm going to do that as much as I can because soon it won't be an option!

Surprisingly it is very warm and even the wind is blowing warm tonight!  Maybe we're not going to need winter clothes!  Tomorrow we're continuing south and hoping to get to Todra Gorge!

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