Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bissau to near Piche, Guinée Bissau, December 22, 2018

We are making our way towards the Guinée border to hopefully cross tomorrow-

Leaving Bissau, we drove through 'real' Bissau where a fitness group was running on the street-

I was unaware, but apparently the taxis and buses have been on strike the last three days which is why none were around.  They were back to work this morning.  It's funny how the colors of the transport changes.  Taxis here are blue and white and minibuses are yellow and blue-

The streets were lined with shops too-

The highway was good and we cruised along pretty well.  Another town, another market-

Most vehicles on the road were public transportation: packed minivans and large trucks hauling goods and people-

There were lots of rice fields in the flood plains.  Lilies were in bloom in the ditches-

Women carry lots of weight on their heads.  In one town, I took a pail down from a young girl's head to help her and I could hardly carry it, yet she had it balanced on her head!  It's no wonder they walk so tall and straight-

Wood and coal is for sale along the roadside- 

As the road turned to potholes, the area seemed to become more rural.  Homes have thatched roofs-

Clothes are usually always drying on a line, chickens, sheep and cattle graze in the 'front yard'-

There are a lot of cashew trees too.  They have a thick, flat leaf and the ones closest to the road are covered in red dust-

A conglomeration of homes where I don't think they have power - yet.  Large metal poles and insulators are erected but the wire isn't strung yet-

More rice fields with workers-

Grain drying in the sun-

About 5 pm, the truck stopped next to a soccer field.  Nienke asked if we could park beside it to set up our camp and here we are with lots of visitors very excited to see us-

We've got an early start tomorrow as we make our way into Guinée.


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