Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Saint Louis to Lac Rose, Senegal, December 2, 2018

We left the camp site at 9 and it took forever to go only a couple hundred kilometers.  Along the way-

The baobabs have lost their leaves for the dry season-

The further south we went, the more trees there were-

Cows looking for something to eat-

A water truck was in a village and the women were filling their jugs.  They weren't very happy with us taking pictures-

I like to present my fellow travellers so I'll start with April.  She lives in Queens and retired six years ago from IT software development.  Since retiring, she has been travelling 8-10 months/year going to places like Croatia, the desert in Namibia and South East Asia.  She travels because she likes to see people in different places, learn about the culture and the history because it changes her perspective in life, to realize how blessed and grateful she is in her own life.  Travelling has also made her more flexible and more giving.  When she's not travelling, she's planning her next trip!  She likes opera, Broadway shows, museums and movies.  She was born in China but grew up in Taiwan.  She came to the States when she was 22 to get her MBA.  She has a daughter and a grandson who also live in Queens.  

We are going into Dakar tomorrow to try and get our visa for Sierra Leone.  I'm looking forward to seeing the sights!

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