Sunday, December 2, 2018

Saint Louis, Senegal, December 1, 2018

The carnet arrived this morning shortly after breakfast but we still stayed here, so I decided to go back into town for the day rather than stay at the campsite.  I had a different cab driver who didn't speak and he had a very comfortable car.  It was a much more pleasant experience!  I decided to walk around the town and my first stop was at the Catholic Church which is being restored-

My first purchase was a metal bus that I'd been dealing on for the past 3 days-

I ended up in the same hotel as yesterday for wifi but my blog wouldn't post and then poof, it was gone so I had to re-do it.  It was very slow uploading so I went to a different hotel where it uploaded very quickly.

Lunch was yassa poulet and it was awesome.  It's fried onion with Dijon mustard, vinegar, lemon and salt and pepper, mixed with rice and eaten with chicken, wow!

Shopping in the streets-

I bought the painting on the left-

This lawn chair, made of bottle caps was pretty cool and it was even comfortable-

I would have liked to buy the mask on the right but .....

I stopped in a shop to talk about my phone and heard a crunch-

Luckily, the bike rider who was in bare feet only had a few scrapes.

I had a great day in town and back at the campsite, I saw a petit Callao à bec rouge digging in the sand-

We are off to Lac Rose in the morning.  Looking forward to being back in the orange bubble!

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