Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sukuta, The Gambia, December 9, 2018

Asado, the young man who lives at the campsite, arranged for his friends to come with a large bus to take 12 of us on a village graffiti tour.  All I can say is TIA.  We went to Kubuneh, an extremely small village where the paintings are almost 20 years old and in great disrepair-

This is the one I liked the most- 

A vulture-

Funny faces-

The toilets and showers at the local school where there are about 40 students in each class-

The school is sponsored by Seniors Without Borders-

The best part of the day was seeing the kids-

The market was very sparse and I bought some bouillon for the yassa I hope to make someday with cook group-

We moved on to Galloya where there were better paintings-

The oldest house in the village is abandonned and covered in hearts-

Leaving Galloya, we were followed by many villagers-

Saudi Arabia put in this well over 20 years ago to provide drinking water to the village-

Back in Sukuta, we ate mafé again with lamb.  It still wasn't flavourful enough for me but it was cheap - $1 US.  I hope to get that for my cook group contribution tomorrow night-

The kitchen in the restaurant-

And the toilet, the most interesting so far, a raised squat pedestal-

I spent the afternoon drinking beer and wifiing.  Tomorrow we are going to the Liberian embassy to get our visas which are such a pain!  Hope we can at least find it!

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