Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone, December 30, 2018

I had a relaxing day, sitting around drinking beer until it was time for lunch.  I had crab that was excellent.  It took forever to eat and I had it all over the place: on my face, on my dress, all over the table and sometimes it went flying onto the other people sitting around the table-

This is the first time I've seen men, it's usually women, selling goods that they're carrying on their heads.  Some of the baskets are so big and heavy.  They're loaded with chips, cookies and drinks:  President's Choice and Great Value.  A woman explained that they get their stuff from a container:  one that probably "fell off a ship" and never made it to its destination-

I enjoyed the warm ocean for awhile, then sat on the beach.  It's a beautiful spot-

Tomorrow we have an early departure into Freetown to the Liberian Embassy.  I hope we are successful!

P.S.- Playing with Playdoh wearing a Calgary Flames apron!

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