Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tumani Tenda, The Gambia to Cap Skirring, Senegal, December 15, 2018

After a leisurely breakfast, same as yesterday- great sourdough bread, boiled eggs and the best honey ever, we were on the road.  In about 45 minutes, we were at the Gambian border and crossing was simple.  It was equally as simple getting back into Senegal-

Along the way-

We drove through a lot of marshland wth oysters hanging from the mangroves.  They aren't the big white oysters but smaller blackish ones that when shucked, are more the size of a mussel-

Workers in the field-

At Cap Skirring, we found a place to park the truck and set up the kitchen.  The hotel only had four rooms so we had a draw and my name was picked!  I got the cheapest room - no fan and bathroom down the hall which is just fine with me!  I hitched into town looking for a SIM card but needed my passport.  I walked around Cap Skirring, looking at shops and I WAS NOT HASSLED!  Upon entering the shop, the merchant would say hello, can I help you?  I would say I was just looking and their response - okay!  They did not follow, they did not hustle, they did not push.  It was so nice!   

Looking forward to a nice day on the beach tomorrow!

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